About Us

Shwet Bio-Tech Pvt. Ltd journey began in 2010 with a mission to improve the quality of human life by ensuring premier health care for the society with quality and affordable Medicines.

Shwet Bio-Tech Pvt. Ltd has had a modest beginning and eventually carved out a distinct place of its own in the ever growing Indian Pharmaceutical Industry.

With world class pharmaceutical products for industries manufactured at its state-of-art ultra modern manufacturing facility set up under FDA Maharashtra India located at Bhiwandi, Thane District.

Shwet Bio-Tech Pvt. Ltd GMP certified organization and one of the biggest names in healthcare products and Renal facilities.

Shwet Bio-Tech is equipped for manufacturing Haemodailysis solutions all product range Liquid & Dry formulations and also implanting research and development to meet latest technology in renal care .

Company has established its products all over India & across the borders.

Company is spreading its wings wide by providing best quality renal products at economical prices to the Asian and African countries.

The major international markets for Shwet Bio-Tech:-

  • Singapore
  • Thailand
  • Malaysia
  • Nepal
  • Brazil
  • Ghana
  • Uganda
  • Kenya
  • Tanzania

Shwet Biotech strives and chases for excellence to provide quality products at competitive prices with post-sales support. Company believes in Kaizen, and motive is to engage in development, production and marketing of concentrated marketing of concentrated acetate haemodialysis solution, potassium free acetate haemodialysis solution and calcium free acetate haemodialysis solution.

These are applicable in patients with acute or chronic renal failure, detoxification, acute intoxication and patients with calcium and lipid metabolism disorders. These products are mainly sold to hospitals which are equipped with dialysis units

In the world 80-90% patients suffering from renal disease die within first year due to high cost of dialysis. Hence Shwet Bio-Tech realised and analysed market that people need a product which is affordable and are of high quality so by virtue of introduction of low cost, high quality Bicarbonate

Haemodialysis Concentrate, there has been a break-through and now about 95% of kidney failure patients are getting Bicarbonate dialysis. The powder form of Bicarbonate Concentrate has further cut down the cost of dialysis for the miserable and non-affording end-stage kidney failure patients.

Shwet Bio-Tech Pvt. Ltd Touches corers of lives every day .Our products and services are essential building blocks of Renal care.
You’ll find Shwet Bio-Tech products nearly every floor, in dialysis department, in almost every hospital at Maharashtra India

Shwet Bio-Tech Pvt. Ltd introduced wide range of all Pharma products in different divisions for trading.

Shwet Bio-Tech recently entered into government supply with the worldwide renowned companies to provide the best quality and range of health care products.