Citric Acid Solution (MC)


  • Solution for disinfecting of machine is used for cleaning and disinfecting. It is an excellent disinfectantagainst chemical deposit, and microorganism at high temperature and at low concentration.
  • User friendly as it does not give obnoxious smell.
  • Hypochlorite or acid gives for smell and is carcinogenic thereby affecting the health of dialysis technicians/staff, and does not give assured results.


    • Citric acid with 21% w/w
    • Malic acid Q.S
    • Lactic aacid Q.S

Highly Cost Effective

      •  Conventional disinfectant solutions cost is Higher per use where as disinfectant and sterilization with our Solution costs is lower than per use


      • Disinfectant & Sterilization of dialysis machine, dialysis equipments and accessories at above 800 Temp.
      • Use at above 800 temperatures. Due to presence of very strong and latest disinfecting agent (Citric acid).
        100% Environmental friendly because it is biodegradable into water, Oxygen and acetic acid.
      • save cleaning and disinfecting time.
      • Enhances dialysis machine and other dialysis equipments and accessories life and reuse.Environmental & user friendly.

Direction for Use

  • Ready to use solution. does not require dilution


  • Store at room temperature.
  • Store in vertical position. Plug and Cap firmly after every use and do not tamper with vent.
  • Do not expose to direct sunlight or source of heat.


  • 5 Liter jerry can with cap and plug for added safety