Hydrogen peroxide & Peracetic Acid Solution (DC)


  • Solution for sterilization of dialyser is used for cleaning disinfecting and sterilizing of dialyser, blood tubing and other dialysis equipments and accessories for reuse.
  • It is an excellent Sterilant against Bacteria, Fungus, Non -tubercular, Mycobacteria, Virus and Spore at low temperature and low concentration.


    • Hydrogen Peroxide 20% w/w
    • Peracetic Acid 4% w/w

Highly Cost Effective

      • Cost of Conventional Sterilization solutions is higher per use where as cleaning and sterilization with our product cost is lower
      • Quality of sterilization and enhancement of Dialyzer reuse more than offsets additional expenses.


      • Disinfectant &Sterilization of dialyzer, blood tubing and other dialysis Equipments and accessories.
        At room temperature ideal dwelling time is 12hours. Due to presence of very strong and potent oxidizing
        agent (Peracetic acid), saves cleaning and sterilization time.
      • Enhances life of dialyzer, blood tubing and other dialysis equipments and Accessories for reuse.
        100% Environmental friendly because it is biodegradable into water, Oxygen and acetic acid.

Direction for Use

          • Hydrogen peroxide and Peracetic Acid Solution is potent and highly concentrated sterilant and has to be diluted to 4% with RO Water before use.
            To make working solution for sterilizing take 4m1 concentrated solution to make 100m1, and take 40m1 to make 1ltr.


          • Store at room temperature. Store in vertical position
          • Plug and Cap firmly after every use and do not tamper with vent.
          • Do not expose to direct sunlight or source of heat.


          • 5 Liter jerry can with gas vent plug for added safety.