Powder Form Dialysate


It has essentially the same salt concentration in the powder form (except that Gl. Acetic acid is replaced with dry citric acid ) as the regular liquid form dialysis solution in case of Part I, whereas the Part II is the same as that provided with the regular bicarbonate type dialysis solutions.

  • Less volume ,Less freight
  • Easy handling by individual
  • Less cost
  • Easy storage
  • Less breakage/damage during shipment
  • No hastle of storage & disposal of used canisters
  • Quality of powder-form is more apparent as compared to already filtered solution form as the final electrolyte concentrations obtained after the reconstitution is essentially the same as that obtained after the proportioning of the liquid form in the desired parts.
  • More environment-friendly as compared to canisters due to significantly less wastage and of disposal
  • More safe as compared to canisters which are used for drinking water and other drinkables
  • Use of RO water for mixing makes it mandatory for Dialysis Centre to keep RO plant in good condition, an advantage for patients
  • Available in custom formulations & packs

The composition of the powder concentrate is as follows:

PART I : The acid concentrate is composed of the following components in each packet :

  • NaCl : 1650.00g
  • KCl: 60.00g
  • CaCl2: 81.0g
  • MgCl2: 37.0g
  • Citric acid: 57.0g
  • H20: Q.S

PART II: The bicarb concentrate part containing

  • NaHCO3 : 660.0g
  • NaCl: 240.0g

Procedure for use:

  • Part I supplied in aluminium pouches .
  • Part II supplied aluminium pouches of 900 g each (2 packs are supplied with each can)
  • The total contents of Part I are to be dissolved in purified water to make up the volume to 10lts.
  • The total contents of part II are dissolved in purified water up to 10lts
  • The operator manual of the individual dialysis machine should be followed to obtain the final dialysate options based on a compatible concentrate-pair and standard proportioning ratio to give a final solution by mixing 1:1.83:34 parts of part I:part II: purified water.